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Ketamine powder is a dissociative anaesthetic used in both human and veterinary anaesthesia.


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Ketamine is a synthetic drug that has been used for decades as a veterinary anesthetic, but it is also popular as a recreational drug. It can be found in powder form or as a liquid. The DEA considers ketamine to be a Schedule III substance, which means it has some potential for abuse but not much. It’s been used recreationally in the United States since the 1960s, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Ketamine produces effects similar to those of PCP, including hallucinations and dissociation from reality. Because it can induce euphoria and intense feelings of pleasure, it’s sometimes used recreationally by people who want to get high.

Ketamine powder is typically snorted into the nose or swallowed in pill form. It can also be injected into the bloodstream. Because ketamine powder dissolves easily in water, people sometimes drink it or mix it with other liquids before ingesting it.

Can I get addicted to ketamine online?
Yes, ketamine powder has the potential to be quite physically and mentally addicting. When ketamin often, it can cause tolerance, dependency, and withdrawal symptoms when the user tries to quit. A medical expert or addiction treatment specialist should be seen if you are having problems with ketamine powder addiction.


Furthermore, purchasing ketamine powder online can be practical and provide you access to a greater range of goods. Yet, there are drawbacks to purchasing ketamine powder online, including as dubious quality and potential legal repercussions. If you decide to purchase ketami online, it is crucial to exercise caution and only buy from reliable vendors. Using ketamine powder may be risky, just like taking any medication, therefore it’s crucial to be informed of the hazards and follow the right safety procedures.


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