Quaalude (Lemmon 714)


Methaqualone is a sedative that works by boosting the activation of the GABA receptors found throughout the nervous system and brain.

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Buy Quaaludes Online in USA

In the United States, methaqualone 300 mg was sold under the brand name Quaalude, which was occasionally stylized as “Qulude.” In the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Australia, this dosage was sold under the brand name Mandrax. Methaqualone is a central nervous system depressant that also acts as a sedative and hypnotic. It is most commonly used to treat insomnia. Drugs that induce sleep are referred to as hypnotics. We have the genuine rill, which has not been crushed. The active ingredient is methaqualone, and it was manufactured in the United States of America. If you really want to try the famous ‘ualude,’ then Ketamine Guru is the place to go. They have everything you might possibly need. You can purchase from us with or without a prescription (Rx), and in addition, we provide 100% discrete packing, as well as quick and dependable shipment all over the world, and we even make tracking numbers available.

We are the most trusted and experienced company in the USA when it comes to supplying lemmon 714 tablets, having been in business for over 20 years. You can buy quaaludes without any worries when you do it online. We offer Buy Quaaludes Online at a price that is both affordable and reasonable, and we will have them delivered to your door without any additional effort on your part. All that is required of you is to place your order at this time and make the necessary payment, and we will deliver it as soon as possible.

What Are The Medical Uses Of Quaaludes for Sale?

Methaqualone is a sedative that works by increasing the activity of the GABA receptors found in the brain and nervous system. It is sold under the brand name Quaaludes. Increased GABA activity causes a reduction in blood pressure, as well as a slowing of the heart rate and breathing rate, ultimately leading to a state of profound relaxation. Because of these qualities, methaqualone was initially recommended most frequently for the treatment of insomnia. Methaqualone reaches its maximum concentration in the bloodstream in a matter of hours, and its half-life ranges from 20 to 60 hours. Regular users develop a physical tolerance to the substance, which results in a need for higher doses to have the same effect. An overdose can result in a shutdown of the nervous system, coma, and even death.

Methaqualone Restrictions:

  • Methaqualone (quaaludes for sale) is not recommended for use while pregnant and is in pregnancy category D.
  • Methaqualone is also restricted for minors/children and patients.
  • Methaqualone is restricted from being consumed with alcohol.

How Long Does The Effects Of Buy Quaaludes Online Last?

The higher the amount, the more powerful the feelings grow, which can have adverse and sometimes life-threatening repercussions on the body. This substance was frequently taken in conjunction with alcohol, which resulted in a “drunken, sedative high.” The effects start to kick in after about half an hour, and they can continue for as long as six hours. Each of our bottles contains one hundred pills and is hermetically sealed.


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